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Cane Development

Our agriculture department followed following measures to achieve best performance -

  • Sugar cane plantation done by cane development department variety and season wise.
  • In area of operation early mature and high recovery verity plantation.
  • Harvesting programme schedule strictly followed in area operation for achieving high recovery.
  • For getting high recovery at the time of harvesting plantation ratton ratio is followed (60% and 40%).
  • Harvesting programme was implemented as recovery base.

To increase yield and productivity of sugar cane

  • Our factory cane development department take village wise cane development programme for farmer to increase yield and productivity of sugar cane followed plantation programme such as adsali (10 to 15 %) preseasonal (30 to 35%) and suru (10 & 15%) and ratton (40%).
  • Our sugar factory supply through cane development department green manuring and chemical fertilizer.
    1. Green manuring :- Sunhemp and Dhelcha.
    2. Chemical fertilizer basal dose (NPK) urea, ssp, potash.
  • Through cane development department our sugar factory provide to increase yield and for saving water drip irrigation facility to the farmer in area of operation.

Better Sugar Cane yield follow Agronomical practices-

Introduction -

Maharashtra is one of leading state in Sugar Cane production in India. Sugar Cane industry is second largest agro based industry in Maharashtra.

In Maharashtra highest harvested cane yield by farmer for Adsali/presasonal. However average yield of state is 75 mt/hec. The production potential can be achieved by adopting new technique of plantation Sugar Cane.

Land preparation -

Sugar Cane crop stands in field for more than one year it is necessary to give deep ploughing by iron mound board plough, drawn by bullock or tractor .

The proper time for ploughing is immediately after the last harvested crop or just shower or rain received. The land is them exposed to sunlis and atmosphere for month or two month.

One ploughing is in month of April and 2 nd ploughing is in month of 2 nd week of May. 2 nd plougnisng well decomposed farm yard manure must spred in the soil.

Variety selection for Sugar Cane plan -

Selection of sugarcane variety

In Maharashtra following Sugar Cane varieties use for plantation


com 265, co 86032, co 98005.


co 92005, co 86032, co 10001, vsi 9005, co c 671, co 7125,940112


co 92005, co 86032, co 94012, co c 671.

Seed Selection -

For maximum yield seed selection procedure must perform key role for increasing yield. After 3 years Farmer must change their own seed. Farmer followed seed changes program after 3 years. Such as breeder seed, foundation seed, certified seed.

For better yield use Sugar Cane planting material

  • Use planted Sugar Cane seed material.
  • Sugar Cane seed plot age – 10 to 11 month.
  • Use disease and pest free seed.
  • Use good and healthy seed.

Seed Rate -

As per soil type and method of plantation and planting season affect seed rate. Single, two eye bud sets and seed lines of Sugar Cane mainly followed foe plantation about 25000 two eye bud seed is sufficient for one hector area.

Spacing -

Ridges and furrows spacing must maintain for higher yield. Depend upon the soil type and method of irrigation appropriate spacing should be adopted as give below.


Soil Type

Method of irrigation

Farrow spacing





90 cm



Fine texture


150 cm



All kind


Paired row 75X50 cm

100 to 150

Seed Treatment -

For air born soil born distance control Sugar Cane seed must be treated by hot water chemical & biological.

  • Chemical seed treatment :- Sugar Cane seed should dipped in 0.1 % solution of bavistin and malation.

Method of plantation -

In sugar Cane plantation mainly two method of plantation is followed dry,wet.

Dry Method:- Dry method of planting should be followed sets should be placed 5 to 7.5 cm deep into soil. Care should be taken to place eye buds on side and covered with thin layer of soil and then irrigate to the field. This method be followed in deep black soil.

Wet method :- This method is mainly followed in medium to moderate soil.

Inter culturing operation :- For better yield farmer must apply two spraying of weed side and or weeding after 36 days plantation to control weed.For spraying weediside prefer 24d,sencor as herbiside.

To cut 1 st germinated shoot :- For maximum tillering 1 st germinated shoot must be cut after 60 to 70 days after plantation. This method is mainly followed in inter cropping pattern.

To control maximum tillers :- For maximum tillers control give small eartning up operation must be followed by using bullock operated instrument.

Eartring up operation :- This operation must be followed after 3 to 4 month of sugar cane plantation. Before eartring up apply big dose of fertilizer.

Inter cropping :- As per season of planting following inter cropping is followed.

  • Adsali :- Groundnut, Soyabean, Mung, Udid, Onion.
  • Preseasonal :- Cabbage, Cauliflower, Soyabean, Onion.
  • Suru :- Groundnut, Green gram